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At Always Best Care, the foundation of your success is a powerful combination of multiple revenue streams and local professionals working together with a vested interest in your growth.


Always Best Care has a proven and successful Master Franchisee system that provides this standard of support.


With our Master Franchisee system, you'll have a local leader, mentor, business coach, team builder and first responder to your needs.


Your local Master franchisee has a vested interest in every part of your success as an ABC franchisee, as the MF shares in the royalty income you generate, which in turn allows the Master Franchisee to invest in a more dynamic support system helping our franchisees achieve entrepreneurial success.


With Always Best Care, you'll have the significant advantage of reviewing your business plan and participating in bi-weekly coaching session with your Master Franchisee.

Ongoing Support for ABC Franchisees




In 2003, about 550,000 Canadians (15% of the senior population) received some form of home care during the course of the year. According to the Canadian Home Care Association, this number increased to 900,000 in 2008 – an increase of 64% in just five years!

One in three adults in Canada, or close to 9 million people, has a chronic disease. More than one-third of these have multiple long-term health problems.


420,000 Canadians over 65 have Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia; nearly 288,000 women and more than 132,500 men suffer from Alzheimer’s.