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ABC provides you with a complete library of sales and marketing tools.  As an Always Best Care franchisee, you'll have access to everything from the latest email marketing strategies to television-quality, consumer education videos.Your 3 keys to success:  Marketing, marketing, marketing!


Our systems enable you to educate and impress your business contacts and all of the customers you serve. 


Our direct marketing strategies include a broad range of specific training and collateral materials for your successful business development.  We'll provide everything from detailed documents focused on selling into specific market segments to a customizable newsletter for you to leverage your local relationships and magnify brand awareness with referral sources and customers.


In addition, we'll provide you with a powerful combination of locally focused brand awareness campaigns and lead generation tools. 


Plus, you'll participate in Always Best Care's International Advertising Fund, launching Q1 of 2011, which will help expand brand awareness, build recognition, and enhance

perceptions of Always Best Care among our target audiences.  The fund also will generate literally tens of thousands of leads through a national Internet

marketing strategy (including both SEO, pay-per-click, social media, and

affiliate marketing), which will then be distributed to franchises across North America.  



  A variety of new marketing initiatives are  being launched  this year, including...


  • The addition of new assisted living research technology to ABC's Franchise Management System, which will allow a franchisee to search based on specific criteria and provide professional information to families, referral sources and other pertinent parties.


  • Expanded affiliate marketing and national contracts


  • Expanded social media program with daily updates and blogs with key articles and other information.


  • Introduction of monthly video releases.


  • Geo-targeted LinkedIn and Facebook programs.


  • Behavioral targeting with Google and Yahoo.


  • Creation of ABC's Always In Touch community outreach program.


  • Expansion of Always Best Care's customer relationship management system to auto email assisted living communities upon inquiry of new leads.





Local marketing materials...


Within Always Best Care's comprehensive Franchise Management System (FMS), there

is a wide array of newsletters, flyers, brochures, "how to" training manuals, advertisements

and other materials to help guide your development of a comprehensive local marketing program.


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